Who wants to clean my house?

As I have been thinking about my new furniture all day, I quickly realized that my house is a pigsty and I have no idea how we'd fit the fabulous couch into our tiny space. Even if it FIT, all the junk would quickly amass and you'd never see the awesomeness of it again. It would just be some odd-looking cushions with dogs piled atop. But I am to lazy to clean the entire house myself. And both the husband and the kid are terrible at helping clean. (It usually ends up with a lot of whining.) Therefore, I have decided that I either need a robot maid (hey, shouldn't The Jetsons be coming true soon?) or a holly springs house cleaning service. Somehow, I think the robot would be more likely. No, Roomba doesn't count. The biggest problem isn't actually the cleaning. It's the fact that we have no place to put anything. My house is very tiny and between the video gaming husband, the only-grandchild-on-both-sides-of-the-family kid, three dogs, two chinchillas, a cat, a bird, and myself...let's just say there isn't a lot of leftover space. Ooh, I wonder if I could sell everything and start over brand new. The new owners could keep all the crap. They just can't have the Xbox 360. I use that a lot.