Win a 42" HDTV and more!

Maxxed Energy Pop are these energy lollipops. They equal about a half an 8oz. can of your typical energy drink or a full 12oz. can of regular soda. I've never been a fan of energy drinks. They just don't taste very good. However, I do love Coke. Maybe I should give these a try in an attempt to shake my soda habit. Anyway, the lollipop people are running a contest. The prizes include a $250 GameStop gift card, a 42" HDTV and an Xbox 360 Elite system. That's not too bad. Though I can only imagine what my husband would do with $250 at GameStop. I'll be swimming in video games forever! What am I talking about? I'll be swimming in video games anyway. The gift card would just mean that we wouldn't actually be spending any money.

Good luck!