This new thing cars have nowadays

Cars, nowadays, have this new fangled thing that no one seems to know how to use properly. They're called HEADLIGHTS. For some reason, a majority of people seem to think that the sole purpose of headlights is to allow you to see at night. A majority of people are incorrect.

I'm not saying that headlights don't help you see better at night. However, headlights do help other drivers see you better in non-ideal conditions. What does this mean? It means that, on days when it is rainy or foggy or snowy, your car's headlights make it easier for the other drivers on the road to see your car. How many times have you been driving in the rain when, all of a sudden, a grey car without his lights on comes out of nowhere almost causing an accident? I'm sure it's happened more than once.

Let me say this once again:

Your Headlights Are Not For You.

Please, in the future, unless it is a bright sunny day outside, just turn on your headlights. Hey, even when it is bright and sunny outside, turn on your headlights. It will help you get into the habit of turning them on when it's gross out. You will make everyone on the road a lot safer.

Thank you.