As I've said before, my family enjoys the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We've actually gone three times this year. It's a record! One of our favorite vendors at the faire is Imaginarium Galleries. They sell dragon puppets called drabbits. (A drabbit is a cross between a dragon and a rabbit.) The smallest drabbit costs about $20. From there, you can find a variety of sizes and prices up to a hand-made staff with a drabbit perched atop for about $7,000. My husband and daughter both bought mid-sized drabbits during our second trip to the faire. My daughter named her drabbit Pinkie Pie.

My husband named his Saurum.

During this past trip, the two of them talked me into buying my own drabbit. I have not named him yet.

Each of these dragons moves their heads up/down and left/right. The more expensive models have an additional cable that allows their wings to move as well. And the best part? Throughout the day, the staff at the store hands out raffle tickets. At the end of the day, they give away a variety of drabbits. (By the way, they aren't all dragons. There are also griffins and owls and many other species.) Even if you can't afford to buy one yourself, please make sure to stop by the shop and take a look at the puppets. Not only are they amazing, but they will also make you smile like a kid again.