Game Review: Jane's Hotel

Jane's Hotel is another time management game I downloaded from Big Fish Games. You play Jane, a woman with big dreams of owning a five-star hotel. In order to accomplish this, you start out with a two-star hotel and work your way up. Of all of the time management games I have played, this is the worst. Everything is extremely linear and there is no way to change that. You can upgrade your hotel but you are not given any choices about how to do it. Upgrades are unlocked by gaining more experience then you have to earn enough money to purchase it. Luckily, you generally get enough experience and money in each level to buy the next upgrade. While the upgrades tend to change what your customers want/need, that's all they change. You don't get a "Jane moves faster" upgrade or an "Additional Chamber Maid" upgrade. As a result, both your character and the maid character end up running around like lunatics just to make the hotel guests happy. Personally, I think the guests should be able to turn the TV on by themselves. There isn't a need for ME to do it for them.

If you are into time management games, stay away from this one. I recommend you go with Cake Mania 2 or Paradise Pet Salon.