My Strange Addiction

That is such a misleading title. I love watching the show "My Strange Addiction." My husband has even gotten into it. The show documents the lives of people that are addicted to weird things. One guy has a romantic relationship with his car. One lady shoves baby powder up her nose. Another lady chews rocks. After the addicts talk about their addiction, they are usually directed to some sort of doctor to tell them how they are hurting their bodies. (In the case of the guy in love with his car, he saw a psychiatrist.) Sometimes the people quit, sometimes they don't. It's still an interesting show. So why did I title the post like this? I have a strange addiction to looking at pneumatic tools. I don't want to buy these things. I don't even have a use for them. Yet I strangely find myself looking at drills and sanders and all sorts of neat things. Of course, I think about all the things I could do with them...but I'll never use them. That is why I don't actually buy them. I just window shop.

That is my strange addiction.