What Balance Means To Me

This is kind of an interesting prompt. You can take "balance" in a couple of different directions. Something interesting to think about.

To me, "balance" is what you do when you are trying to fit everything you want or need to do into a 24-hour day.

For example, my Monday schedule is semi-balanced. I wake up around 6:00AM, shower, and get ready for the day. Then I have to put the dogs out and get my daughter's lunch ready so she can leave at 6:45AM for the bus. I slam some breakfast into my mouth and run out the door between 6:50AM and 7:00AM. Depending on the weather and traffic, I get to my full time job somewhere between 8:00AM and 8:30AM. I work until 4:30PM when I rush home. Again, depending on the traffic issues, I am home between 5:30PM and 5:45PM. I slam some more food into my face before jumping back in the car to take my daughter to her tennis lessons at 6:15PM. While she plays, I try to read one of the many books I have lined up for review or talk to some of the other parents. She is finished around 8:30PM, when we can go home and try to eat some sort of dinner. Finally, I try to finish up any writing projects I can before heading off to bed to start all over again.

"Balance" is definitely trying to make sure you can get everything done. A packed schedule requires balance. So does sleep. I would never be able to get enough rest otherwise.