America's Most Smartest Model - episode 6

There weren't a lot of surprises this week. I was completely shocked at the end of the episode but we'll talk about that in a bit. The Edge Challenge was deceptively difficult. Our eight models had to split into four teams of two. Extremely intelligent Daniel made a huge mistake by taking on extremely stupid American!Rachel, Pickle paired up with Brett, Angela agreed to work with dominant Andre and Australian!Rachael went with VJ. The teams had to draw six shapes using specific angles and lengths and whatnot. Not very difficult, right? Neither American!Rachel nor Andre were able to create any shapes. (Andre blamed the metric system for his problems. Rachel is just dumb.) VJ came very close to winning but when guest judge Santos (from the second season of Project Runway) told him that one of his measurements was incorrect, Pickle snuck in and nabbed the win.

For the Call-Back Challenge, the models had to design some clothes. The winning team, Pickle and Brett, got to dole out shapes to the other teams while they were able to use the entire six-shape arsenal. They gave Australian!Rachael and VJ a circle, Andre and Angela got a triangle and a rectangle while they took pity on Daniel and American!Rachel by giving them the rhombus, pentagon and trapezoid. Overall, I didn't think any of the designs were absolutely terrible. None of these people are fashion designers. Pickle and Brett took the win for this challenge with a boxer-themed sporty trunks/skirt with a hooded robe.

This is where the surprises started. Immediately after the winners of the Call-Back Challenge were announced, Mary Alice calls American!Rachel up to the runway. After a bit of scolding, Mary Alice throws the dumb blonde out of the house. She didn't even make it to the very end of the episode where they are supposed to get rid of people! So Mary Alice dismisses everyone with the promise to see them later.

Would Mary Alice toss another model out of the house? If she does, who would be the next to go? At the elimination, she calls up Australian!Rachael, VJ and Daniel. Daniel gets a scolding for being a nice guy and picking the dumbest person in the house to pair up with. However, he refuses to put his integrity on the line and Mary Alice sends him back to the fold. VJ was called up for....I'm not really sure why he was called up. Mary Alice basically praised him for playing the game well and asked him if he really wanted to win. It's obviously a bad thing to come in second place in Mary Alice's book. Finally, she gets to Australian!Rachael. She gets Mary Alice's wrath for not having her heart in the game or something? Mary Alice doesn't think Rachael "wants it enough." If this is the case, why isn't Angela up there? Angela seems to have the personality of a brick wall despite having some book smarts. Anyway, no one else gets kicked off and they all go back to worrying about the next challenge.