Game review: Cake Mania 2

In 2006, Sandlot Games came out with a new service-oriented time management game called Cake Mania. You play Jill, a culinary student trying to restore her grandparents' bakery. The game revolves around you baking cakes to the specifications of your patrons. With each new level, you get to purchase upgrades for your shop. This year we are treated to the game's sequel, Cake Mania 2. The customers are different, the locations are really different and there are new cake shapes with new frosting colors available. This time Jill has two friends in desperate need of her help. You choose which friend you wish to help first and off you go into the fabulous world of baking.

As much as I hate cooking in real life, I found myself enjoying Cake Mania so I had high hopes for the sequel. I was not disappointed! With games like this, you usually don't get a lot of new things. However, you not only get the frills of new cake shapes and new frostings and new cake toppers but you also get more difficult customers. Instead of always having a whole line of one-customer patrons, you now get paired patrons. With one customer, you get one type of cake to make them but for the paired-customers, you have to make two separate cakes. It makes the whole experience a little more interesting. Normally I can handle the one-cake-per-customer orders pretty well. I actually got confused once when they tossed in a two cake order and ended up having to throw away a two-tired cake as a result. That just made me more determined to not make any more mistakes.

If you like time management games like Wedding Dash or Snowy Lunch Rush, I think you'll really like Cake Mania 2. There are tons of choices for the player to make so you are never held back by the game's storyline. You get to choose where you go and what upgrades you purchase. I hope that more time management games learn from this upgrade in interactivity.