Game review: Go-Go Gourmet

Go-Go Gourmet is a restaurant-themed time management game. Well, it's sort of restaurant-themed anyway. You play Ginger, a woman trying to obtain master chef status so she can take over her grandfather's restaurant. Unlike normal restaurant-themed time management games, you don't deal with the customers at all. The only "interaction" you have with them is their face appears on their order slip. You start out with a small repertoire of dishes. In order to make the dish, you must find the necessary ingredients in the kitchen and prepare them in proper order. As you get farther in the game, you learn how to make more dishes and the kitchen fills up with various ingredients and cooking utensils.

Basically, this game is mixing a hidden object game with a time management game. You have to kick out the orders quickly and you have to search for the ingredients, which aren't always in the same spot they were before. I really enjoyed playing the game. Even when things started to get crazy, it was still really fun. The only down part of the game is that some of the meat ingredients look alike. It's a little difficult to tell the ground beef from the sausage. Other than that, it's a very fun game.