J-actor mini-bio: Matsumoto Jun

matsujun.jpg Name: Matusmoto Jun Nicknames: MatsuJun, Junji Birthday: 8/30/83 Height: 5'6" (173cm) Weight: 127 lbs (58kg)

Where do I know him from? Gokusen, Kimi wa Petto, Hana Yori Dango, Bambino

Tell me some more! MatsuJun is also a member of the singing group Arashi. They debuted in 1999 and are still going strong.

What is your opinion of him? I've seen a couple of his shows with some variety in characters. He plays a bad boy very well. I'm hoping to catch Bambino at some point to see how he handles that role. On the singing side, he doesn't have the best voice in Arashi but he definitely has the charisma to make up for it.