New wedding rings?

My 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up in less than a month. While my husband and I would like to do something together, our funds and time are rather limited. I was thinking, instead, of getting us new wedding rings. Both of us are currently wearing plain white gold bands. (I believe the two of them cost $50 together.) Since his family is Irish, I took a look at some celtic jewelry for women to see if there would be any nice matching pieces. I really like the Mary Kate Infinity Celtic Wedding Ring. I definitely know I don't want a claddagh jewelery. It's a little too Irish for my tastes.

The rings I like are a bit on the expensive side. I'm not completely sure I could talk him into buying a set. I think he would rather spent some time together doing something. We normally get a couples massage for our anniversary. I'm just not sure that would suffice for a 10-year anniversary. It should be something a bit more special, right? Does anyone have any ideas? I don't think we can afford a hotel so a get-away-weekend is probably out of the question. Help!